Goodreads : is it important to you?

by - May 05, 2017

As a reader, I am absolutely usually searching for a book before I read it. Sometimes to know more about it from another reader's review. Before I've known Goodreads apps, I always opened the google books website. Hope it will prepare the example pages, sort of pages to find out more about the book.
I love to read half of book from google book, it gaves me more than I needed. I could read the first pharagraph, how the writing style on it, is it make me curious from one part to another? And so on. Do you believe on love at the first sight? I do, But sometimes. In this case, I could decided whether or not to continue reading the book. What is the most important things in the book that will make me on fire while reading.

I know, it sounds so devilish. But, I have read a lot of book that gave me a blurb from the back cover with a lot of things that made me think I would like love it. But, when I read it, it was so far from just enough. It was a messed. I felt like been cheated by the author of publisher. So, I wont it would happened again. That is why I try so hard to find out more information about new book or new author.
In fact, I like to read a book by different author. It made me like met another new friend. Even though sometimes it made me unsatisfied yet some of them made me amazed with their works. This is like a gambling game, to choose and read new book from new author when you don't have any ideas what would happen then. Its kind of challenging.

Oke, I have talk a lot about google books and new author. Now, what is the correlation between those I talked about before?

Goodreads right now already being a closest friend of mine. It helps me to find out the information I'm looking for. Also, it helps me to see the progress of my reading challenge every year (do you made your own challenge?). Also, helps me to mark a reading progress, so my friends would notice what I'm reading at the moment.

Indeed. Goodreads also connected me with a lot of book addict from arround of the world. Helping me to see the lists of books whom they are read. Lucky me, it also gave me anything what I need. That is why I always open this application everyday to see the update of anything about books.

How about you? Do you use goodreads and stick with it?

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