Juvenilia : the collection of Jane Austen's thoughts

by - May 02, 2017

Have you been reading Juvenilia? A book that written by Jane Austen contains a lots of her thought and opinions also sort of short stories? If you haven't and you are her fans, you have to read it. I don't know how you tought about it, but it was funny while reading this book and found another interesting news from her. Even though I am not sure, is it facts or not? Instead of doubt on it, I would like prefer to continue reading til finish.

There were not a lot of things that would remind me of this book with Jane austen herself. It was just a random diary of her, I guess. Also a collection of letters for her lovely niece. About how a girl supposed to be, how the era loved a girl that wouldn't laugh too much. Or a girl with smart brain. It was just her interest. Many of people agreed that Jane Austen is real feminist author. So, I don't get bothered while reading her tought about Man VS Woman, because sometimes I agree with her and sometimes I don't.

The funniest things, I got this part, her writing about the Leaders from England. She wrote it from King Arthur and Elizabeth too. Facts about the stupidness humanoria also the unsatisfied her with all the King and Queen, even though I think she is really fan of Elizabeth I.

I murdered my father at a very early period of my Life, I have since murdered my Mother, and I am now going to murder my Sister. (from "A Letter from a Young Lady, whose feelings being too Strong for her Judgement led her into the commission of Errors which her Heart disapproved," a title almost longer than the story itself)


It was not till the next morning that Charlotte recollected the double engagement she had entered into [she said yes to two marriage proposals in the space of about ten minutes]; but when she did, the reflection of her past folly, operated so strongly on her mind, that she resolved to be guilty of a greater, & to that end threw herself into a deep stream which ran thro' her Aunt's pleasure Grounds in Portland Place. She floated to Crankhumdunberry where she was picked up & buried; the following epitaph, composed by Frederic, Elfrida & Rebecca, was placed on her tomb.

Here lies our friend who having promis-ed
That unto two she would be marri-ed
Threw her sweet Body & her lovely face
Into the Stream that runs thro' Portland Place.

Drinking and gambling:
The Johnsons were a family of Love, & though a little addicted to the Bottle & the Dice, had many good Qualities. (They are later carried home from a party "Dead Drunk.")
The beautifull [sic] Cassandra then proceeded to a Pastry-cooks where she devoured six ices, refused to pay for them, knocked down the Pastry Cook & walked away.
Young women marrying solely for money:
"Oh! when there is so much Love on one side there is no occasion for it on the other. However I do not much dislike him tho' he is very plain to be sure."

I guess, I just loved to read her romance books. Ahahaha except Mansfield Park.

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