#BookOpinion Eliza And Her Monsters by Fransesca Zappia

by - December 01, 2017

Lately, I haven't had more time to write here. But, I'm still active on my Instagram account @blogger.reads also @alenaslibrary . If you haven't, please follow me and then I'll follow you back - especially if yours are bookstagram too. Today, I'd like to talking about Eliza and Her Monsters, a novel by Fransesca Zappia.

It's the first time for me to read her works, I've got this novel from a giveaway. So proud of myself when I could win it. But, I just read it a few months later. It was because I had no motivation to read all books from my TBR piles. I need something different, romance, light stories yet still in a good shape. When I was stuck to choose and it has took a minute longer, then I decided to read Eliza and Her Monsters.

Even my friends on Bookstagram Community already gave me a few information about the story, but I'm still doubt in my self, whether I can finish it or not.

When I began to read this novel.... something weird tuckled in my head.

Eliza is an introvert girl. Her life really represented my condition too. About me that couldn't easily get along with everyone else. And decided to sit down far away from the crowd and make myself busy with books. Although I'm not that real introvert, because when my own mood is in a good shape, I'll try to make a conversation with someone who near me.

The addiction that Eliza has, is one of the situation that always happened in almost of people around me nowadays. When they were so addicted to their phone and their online-life. I know, sometimes I have done these things too, when I felt so much enjoyed to had a conversation with friends in IG. But, when I read this novel, it brings me some awareness about my real life. Am I already had a good things have done in reality?

I thanked to Zappia, with her story. Because I already a Monstrous Sea fans too! Although, I'm still don't have any Monstrous Sea merchandise. But, it reminds me of this when someone talked about Constellation. Really, am I already addicted to it? Ahahahaha, I don't blame you!

The other things I like about Eliza and Her Monsters : When Eliza draws her stories, she was so professional. She wants to make something good, not just as it is. As for me, a man who couldn't draw anything, it sounds so amazing! I love when her sketch appears on the page, it makes me surprise.

I was no doubt to try reading Zappia's next book someday. So, I'm waiting a chance to buy her books. I gave it 5/5 because it is my favorite!

How about you? Have you been reading this book? Or do you have a book that makes you fell in love after finished?

If you don't mind to share with me, because I want to know more about favorite books from all of you. So, please leave a comment here :).

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