I am done with Murakami

by - May 19, 2017

How do you feel after spending more than a day with a book that contain an absurdity but it makes you felt in love so deep? It makes you crazy of loving something that have ever been a boring things. And then you figure it out, that you can't take another step to move forward from the book.

Call it a curse. Maybe it is something that real but I wont believe it. Because it is not logic, yet I trust my brain still healthy and my mind always open minded of all things. So, I decided to open it to accept the curse things. Like I said, it was a curse when I felt in love and hardly to move on from one book.

That book is written by Haruki Murakami. It is unbelieveable while my guess that I will spending more than a weeks to finish the book, its title is Kafka on the Shores. Then I just need for about 3 days to finish it. And somehow it makes me really, huh??

The story about young man, age 15 years old, who is not satisfy with his life. And felt like his father is a strange so he want to go away from his father. He want to looks for his Mom and Sister. From the first time, he was forgot how is his mom and sister looks like. Just like they were never there before. And after that, he missed them. He want someone to accompany him everytime. He felt so lonely.

All prepared! He trying to write a lists what will he bring for the escape plan. He wont a police man notice him as a flee child. So he has to be very careful. He is trying to calm down himself while ran off from home. He bought a tickets to go to Takamatsu. His dream is to visit Komura library that has a very great architecture and complete literature books.

He was stayed at a hotel from his father's money. No, he steal it without him notice. So, he must be very carefull to explain why is he staying at a hotel? A young man lived by himself in the hotel? That was an abnormal things. So it will make people arround him find it interesting and maybe they will call a police man.

But, after explain to the hotel staff, that he is doing some research for his special task at special school. So he want to spending his time at Komura library without knowing when will it finish. He got a cheap price and for a week he is always visiting Komura library and spending his time to read a lot of books.

Something that he wouldn't known that he would lying on the land surround with underbrush, his left arm felt so much pain. He didn't know what had happened to him. He forgot how could he lying on the strange place? And his perform looks like terrible also there were a blood stain on his cloths. It was so strange, what had happened that night. But, Kafka noticed that he couldn't go to the hotel to take a rest. Because someone would looking for him.

Besides Kafka the young man whom He is ran off from home. Murakami also talked about paralel dimention, a world that exist pararel with our world. Some people thoght it has the same world like our world. And the same theme already coming out at anime, its title is Orange. If you have been watching anime from Makoto Sinkai, you will notice too that he has already making an anime about pararel world too.

The unique things about Japan literature, manga and anime. There are always a category called Slice of life, contains a deep thought from the characters about their own life. Where is the fittest position in the social life. What is the main purpose they are lived in. Why God want them to lived in this world. And anything about existance and a hope also a love.

Oediplus complex here in this books explain just a little. The main topic is find the real identity. From the perspective of 15 years old boy. You could found out his ambition too. And this is a philosophy books about life and how a human lived their life. Oshima is one whom He/She is always quote some dialog or sentences from books. He/She is the closest friend of Kafka.

Maybe you wouldn't known why this book is so important and make me fall in love. Because I couldn't figure it out, why I love this book. Just like I love it just the way it used to be. I love everything inside. I love when Murakami makes me curious about anything.

So, have you read Murakami's books? What is the title of book you have read?

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