Conspirata And The Ugly Truth

by - April 27, 2017

Here there are another book I have just finished this month. A book that written by Tiro, an assitant of Cicero - a roman politicians and lawyer - whom he always be there for Cicero. No wonder, he known a lot than Cicero's wife.

The story started when a slave found at the river in a bad condition. The body has been divide in two and the organ has been gone too. A lot of people there thought it was a bad sign before new year. And Tiro too, thought it was a bad sign but he was not told to Cicero.

As for the tradition, the new consul will active after the new year, and that was a special time for Cicero whom He is the choosen consul. He can not imagine what will happen after he is become a consul. Because it was a big incident and a lot of people notice it. And after that, Cicero trying to calm them down. Then the crowded change into the silent.

Just before the dawn, the crowded rise up again. This one was because Cesar decided the new law to defend the populis people and made the poor become useless. Cicero ask Tiro to copied the law infront of magisterium. Then he notice that Cesar is one whom He must be becarefull for. That was a sign for Cicero to watch his step.

And that was mean that someone already planning on something bad. After he is become the real consul, a lot of facts come up from another source. On of them is the suspect's murdered. He know it from someone who already drunk too much and told him the truth that it was a sign for him that someone already planned to kill him.

Cicero is a smart man. He always one step ahead from his enemy to coorporate in order to prevent the rebellion. But, when it comes to Cesar, he can not sattisfied and always get confuse.
The fact that Cesar know much than him, because Cesar always slept with another magisterum's member's wife. From that Cesar got a lot information that will use for him. But Cicero doesn't lose his hope, he is trying his best to not give up on Cesar.

And the conspiration here, has been done by a lot of characters including Cicero. But, in a different way and purpose. Cicero is a poor lawyer but he always trying to defend the un-guilty people who has been punish even they didn't do it. Even though the ending of Cicero making me sad, but I know his effort already spread a long the country in a different era. That will make Cicero always remind to defend the truth.

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