Why Reading ?

by - October 18, 2016

Why Reading?

This is an easy question, maybe. But, to make a good answer I have to think it over and over again. I don't know since when reading be my habbit all of my life. Sometimes, I can not let my self not reading for one day. It always come through my mind, a NEED to read. Or some feeling about touch my books or just read the title. It is weird, I know. But, this is what I named with a desire.

Not only Need but it also desire for me. Reading always makes me feel so comfortable and take me to the new point of view. Right! That's why I never let my self to stay away from book or ebook.
I don't know how much books I read and how much is it on my bookshelf. I never count on it. Because I was too lazy to make a lists for my books. But, in the other moment, I always curious, why this book was gone even though I had read it. Or when I forgot about what's story is it book?

So, maybe I have to do a lot of things someday, just to remanage my bookshelves and also make some lists for books.

And yes, this is still hard for me to write in English, but I hope, I have a power to make my spirit high to write here regularly. So, this is just the beginning. Thank your for visiting my blog, of course :)

See you next !

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