28 Days Movie

by - February 04, 2016

Title : 28 Days | Director Betty ThomasWriterSusannah Grant StarsSandra BullockViggo MortensenDominic West | Publish : 2000

28 Days - The story about people who had an addiction to Alcohol, drugs and sex, joining at the same place, center of rehabilitation. There, everyone trying to get heal from their addiction while they are join and socialize with other patient.

She is Gwen ( Sandra Bullock) a journalist at daily newspaper New york, she forced to take rehabilitation after getting car crush incident while drunk and also ruin her sister's wedding. In center rehabilitation, Gwen had a room-mate, her name is Andrea, they are trying to continue their life without their addiction things. Everyday, they come together in the hall and must to attended an event everydays.

In daily life where every patient meet the others, make them closest. Each lame and sacrifice to heal from the addiction make them give a support to another. Just like Gwen and Eddie, watched an Opera together, they comment anything about the Opera and make both of them closest. But, for Eddie, Sex always make him addict, and he trying to make a distance with Gwen to heal his addiction. And when End also Gwen, clean the stable together. They're in a small talk and it changed into a fight.

When all run smoothly at the rehabilitation and being a place that makes Gwen feel comfortable, farewell comes with Andrea, her room-mate. And then it takes Andrea into an immortal goodbye. Its all about how Gwen make a decision for her life after out from rehabilitation. Everything she done, she trying to change her life with one step a big head, from something crazy, move horse's leg.

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