3 Important Messages from Toy Story

by - August 24, 2016


3 Important Messages from Toy Story - Yesterday, I joined with children at home. We were watching Toy Story movie at Disney Channel. Maybe alots of you have been watched this movie, but a few comment from my little sisters and brothers alos my nephews make me remind about what's the points I got from this movie.

"Why that boy looks like that? Is he don't have a friends?"

"Is that toys bad? Why the head not relevant to the body? Really scarry!"

"Mam, why buzz's hand ruin like that?"

Those question coming from all children who watch the movie together with me. The comment that come up my mind and also a long explanation for them. About what is important message that trying to send from the movie. Here is I try to write it down, only 3 points.

3 Important Messages from Toy Story

1. Learning About Spotlight

Of course Woody has a wrong judgement about Buzz, he tought that Buzz would become his rival so something that we wont it, happens. But, this is the first step we learn about human's feeling. Not often, alots of people think that someone else or new friend will become as a rival, not just a friend.

Because of what? Simple reason, just because they are all want the spotlight only for him/her selves. This theory that I explain to them to look the reality of life, that in this life maybe we can not free from wanted to be the first person who are center of attention. Yet, as a social's creature, sometimes we have to and must to share the attention to someone else.

That's why life will more interesting if people take their own fit portion for the attention. Same as our lifehood, sometimes we meet A and B who wants to ask for attention. This case made us learn to divide and adapt the situation to think about someone else, not being a jerk that always put their ego at all.

2. Let's learning to judge

Looking the face of naughty kid, make me agree sometimes face always show the behaviour. Different with Andy and his sister. Yet, when I know that Sid being affraid when all the broken toys decide to revenge. Viewer would judge it based on the reason that balance from the behave. Something about cause and accident.

And, what about when we see the part Buzz being crowded by those toys? It for Woody would hurt Buzz?  Yet, the fact are they really help Buzz. Nah, noneless people this day always judge others with wrong way. The lesson make me understand, how big the team's purpose to send the message for children about life and sometimes we throw wrong judgement.

When Woody knows that those toys do not hurt Buzz, he trying to ask for help to them. To make a revenge and give Sid a lesson.

3. Trust were difficult to get

How possible a human will easy trust others that always fast eyes? Usually, people arround will never put their trust on him/her. So from this movie, we learn that being honesty is more important. Because the honest from others difficult to get.

Even, when people affraid to put trust on them, just because of one lie, will hardly to heal. This is the point that we have to keep the honest and promises for every one that we loved.

Do you have been watched this movie? Wanna share something about Toy Story? Let's share at comment box. Thank you for visiting.

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