Characteristics Of Children's Story

by - October 20, 2016

While I read the article from Nodelman, it feels like both of us have the same pleasure of reading the children's book. Not only pleasure of being comfort when read it, but it has the other sides too. Like swimming in the words box and understanding how world's work from child's eyes.

Also, the childs stories I've ever read, always written with a simple, short and easy to understanding sentences. Without complicated metaphore or text that difficult. Here is why writting the children book is not easy, because as an author, we have to write it with a simple words to make them easy to read and remember.

But, it has to have didactic story inside of it. With cause effect from the characters or anything related to make them known about side effect of the things in life. This is why I always love to read child's book, because I can understand better how to see the world from the eyes of children.

Happy Reading :)

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