King's Effect For All His Almighty Horror Novels

by - August 25, 2017

For your information, eventho Stephen King is the best writer nowadays and his works already adapted into movies. You must know one thing, he has a different kind of horror. What I have to say? Like Cell, one of his novel's title, told us a story about all telephone's users. Or The eyes of the dragon, a story teller fairy special for his daughter, this one was a strange book I've ever read. The different fantasy or fairy tales, yet still good to read and my favorite too.

Revival Novel Stephen King

And then I read this novel, entitled Revival, a story about life spans of Jamie, from child into the grownup man - or should I said older man. The young Jamie live surround by people who always seems religious to me. His mom always teach her kids to be a good children, go to the church frequently and they were a good bestfriend for the new Reverend on Metodhist Road. His name is Jacob and he has a good family too. His wife was so beautiful and his boy was a young cute boy named Morris.

On the other day, Jamie invited by Jacob to his house. He shown Jamie his invention, a big miniature of a village that could move by itself when you push the power botton. He called it the almighty of Electricity. Once, he was confessed that his wife told him, he was crazy about it. And yes, that was one thing that made him so addicted.

A tragedy happened, Jacob's wife and child died by the car accident. That was a very very gloomy day that Jamie ever had. No ones talking out loud just like before, his brother and sister gone to the church with his parents. Jamie has to stayed at home, because he was a child. And oneday, Jacob's back to the routines activity, he gave a sermons that would be his last. The sermon made all of people in church felt uncomfortable. He was just told a nonsense for old people, yet for Jamie it was the truth that sometimes world isn't fair.

Jacob has to leave Metodhist Road, that was an instruction from his boss and also from all of people on this place. Before he go, Jamie runnning by himself to Jacob's house and met him for the last time. Jacob told a lot of story to him, also told him to visited a lighthouse inside the forest. He said that there were a lot of thunder that would made him saw a beauty of world's heaven. Jamie promised to himself that oneday he should visit that place.

After Reverend Jacob's left, Jamie's became a teenager and he was promote by his brother to be a guitar player. His band perfomance getting succesful. Also this chapter on his life, when the first time he met his girlfriend and spent a lot of time with her. On the other day he was a guitar player and acquaitance with smoke and drug. One day, his band bumped him while he was drunk and addiction to drug. He was by himself on that day, don't have money on his pocket, just a few to fill his stomache.

He leave a motel and tried to find a new mottel before he gone home. Right there, outside the event, he saw his favorite Reverend : Jacob. He was perfom a magic with his electricity. Jamie's tough it was a fake magic just like others magician. And then he would find out more about it, after he was healed by Jacob's invention tool. Using electricity to surprise the heart and then made all his neurons worked a bit different. Suddenly, Jamie recover from his addiction and became someone new.

But, Jamie found that something has happened when he was surprised by the electricity tool. He certainly known that something happened eventhough Jacob;s denied. With his invention, Jacob healed all his patients including Jamie's ex-girlfriend. But, oneday someone punch Jacob and yelled at him because his treatment. The man's daughter became a stranger, she couldn't manage herself and a lot of bad things happened after the electricity shock. After all, Jamie soon figure it out, it was all because of him, said Jacob.

As for me, the mistery that lies in this novel, about the addiction. When Jacob tried to found out where is afterlife's place, is it really exists or not. He guide his patients into mined of life to describe what they saw there. The description they gave to Jacob made him proud, he always wanted more. He wanna know what is behind the afterlife's gate. And his craziness guideance all his patients into abnormal death. This was a terrifies moment that I couldn't erase from my memory.

Thank you, King. You made my nightmare just like came true. And my day became very different in a strange way. But, trust me, I'm still the way I used to be but more strangely I guess. This is what I called, King's effect. And I know it wouldn't last forever, I just need couple days to take a rest.

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