3 Things What I Love The Most From 'Amulet Of Samarkand' Novel

by - August 09, 2017

A couple days ago, I've finished reading The Amulet of Samarkand, a fantasy genre about magicians, traitors also demon. The main charater on this novel is a boy, age 11 years old, who is a student of Mr. Underwood. That time, in London city where commoners and magicians lived together. Also almost of magicians are join parlement, uniquely the minister of London : Ralph Deveraux is a magician too. The condition of London that day was a mess, between Magicians and Commoners there were a distance that separated them.

The Amulet of Samarkand

It was because Magicians tought that commoners aren't useful in this city. They just commoners! They don't have a skill in magic, they aren't powerful - tought Magicians. And for the commoners, magicians are stranger. A few of them made a team called Resistance to attack magicians. Also a lots of artefacts have been stolen by Reistance. The conflicts are sharpen because something missing! Ultimate and very dangerous artefact has been stolen and the government are looking for it, whois the suspect?

Nathaniel, a boy age 11 years old, don't like his master - Mr. Underwood - yet love Mrs. Underwood. He is a clever boy, yet trying to be slow and stupid boy in front of his master. It is because he wont his master found out what he is been done in his room. He called a demon! Which is 5000 years old! The demon is so popular, he is Bartimaeus, the traitor on his kinds. Barti also has been slavery by Solomon for decade, so you wont doubt his ability. But, when Barti has been called, he faces a kid - very young for the age - who is ask him to stole the Amulet from Lovelace.
Here is what I love the most from the novel :
  • Bartimaeus's sarcastics joke.
You might not laughing out loud for the joke, but felt in love with his and nodding because you agree with him. That's when Barti told Nath about how people usually do something, what a magicians always do in a sarcastics sentences.
  • Nath is a representation of young age
I have been a teenager a long time ago. I know how it felt, when people told you not to do or ask you to do something, but that was not something I would stand for. And thanks for Stroud who build the strong charater inside Nath, the boy that would do anything to make someone pay for it. It might be a revenge, yet he is a boy whois trying to defend his pride. What you would expected from a boy? That's why this novel is something like 'near of reality'.
  • Being a master or a teacher is mean you have to be blessed
I know, there were a lot of people who aren't agree, yet they aren't hate of teacher's job. But, as for every teacher who loved their job, teaching is kind of interesting things to do everyday. They loved when their students asking them, they're thrilled when the student get a good score. But, Nath is unlucky boy, his master aren't clever enough yet so lucky to work as a parlement. And Nath is a smart boy who loved to read anything, so he already finished almost of books at his master's bookshelf.
And anything you will find out from this novel that is very recommended from all readers arround the world.
Have you reading this book? What is your opinion about this book, the caracthers, the story and conflicts?

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