I Do Love Gaiman's Books

by - July 12, 2017

Yes, I do love all Neil Gaiman's books, since the very first time I read his book : Stardust when I was in high school. I like how he made strong characters, great plot so I was enjoyed along reading the book and of course cute cover of book. When I decided to bought it just because of the cover's wrote the special words. This book was adapted on movie version. So, I got curious what was it about.

And then, I began to followed the journey to the top of god mountain. And met the magicians. Aha, but when I watched the movie, felt so...damn why I have to watch this garbage? I really hate Stardust movie version.

After all those journey to find a great book to remember, then I read Good Omen which ruins my logic so sudden! Yes, Gaiman's ideas seems so genius! He always create a great plot and insert the crazness in it that would ruin everything you believe at. Been a (not very) fans of him, makes me realize that I had to go out from my box and found another journey to the other world of Neverwhere book.

And here I am, have been reading The Graveyard Book that I tought it was dedicated for Children. Yes, the boy in this book is the main character which grown in graveyard and nursery by ghouls. Can you imagine when you were a baby, you have to lived in the graveyard by yourself, alone, surrounded by ghouls and they feed you!

Blame my logic!

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