Flame in the Mist : It's all about revenge

by - June 22, 2017

Flame in the Mist : It's all about revenge

Title : Flame in the Mist

Author : Renee Ahdieh

Pages : 393

Published : May, 2017

Edition Language : English

Format : Ebook (Play Book Purchased)

ISBN 13 : 9780399171635


It was the first time for me to read Renee's works, kind of challenging because I had to push my expectation. Joined at a book club society is so much fun, moreover the club were held readalong together with other members and then disscussed it separately. Although I loved classics very much, and often too picky to choose a book, however it was a lovely things I ever done, to read a books from different author.

Just like Flame in the Mist, this book has been choosen to be discussions topic for June. Call me a cheater, because I started reading this book before the announcement was published *LOL. Because I wont be the last person who finished it. Yup, I am kinda slow reader lately, so I had to read it earlier to finish it in the right time.

The first time I read this book, I love how Renee's writing style. It is important for me, when I read a book with a bad writing style, it is hard for me to finish it nor like it. So, this was the very first things I had to care about. Her writing style is easy to swallow, no need to figure it out in every single way just like when I am reading another classic books. So, I just need to sit back and then continue the journey she has made.

Mariko, is the female characters here, she is a daughter of Dragon of Kai. When her convoy's walking into deep Junkai Forest, they had been attacked by The Black Clan. Instead of running from the very first attack, Mariko trying to pretend that she was died and then skulking when one of the warrior unguarded. She was ran away into deep forest, running so fast and hope that the warriors couldn't get her.

At the deep forest, she was met a strange guy and for the very first time of her entire life, she could killed that man. And stolen his outfits, then cut her hairs. The decision has been decided, she has to pretend to be a man. Her goal right now is just one, finding someone who have been trying to kill her, what is her/his reason behind the attacked.

Yup, it's all about revenge. But, behind all those revenge there were many reasons lied. Such as the arrogant of the ruler and marriage for political issued. It was sets in the Samurai era - Japan, where Daimyo still had the authority. You wont missed many new vocabulary here, don't worry because at the end of pages the glossary inserted.


I am waiting for Mariko's journey after made the hardest decision for her life. And here there are, some point I've got from reading this books.

Ranmaru trying to took a revenge, oke maybe it is a spoiler so I warn you to stop reading this and continue reading the book. However you don't mind to read a spoiler just continue. Yes, Ranmaru is the one, who wants to take a revenge. But, at the very beginning you have to remember it, the scene of Seppuku of Samurai. Some reason lied behind this scenes.

Okami, I was so excited to know more about him. How does he looks like ahahaha because It is important for me to imagine how cool he is. From the Mariko's point of view, I just known that Okami is a son from the legend Samurai too. His skills of sword undoubtable.

Kenshin, he is Mariko's brother who has the good skills of sword. And his skills is equal to Okami's. When the battle was held at Mariko's places, no one could interrupted them.

I love reading Manga too, so when first time I finished reading this book, suddenly I correlate it. It was like kind of Shoujo when Mariko was surround by a male warriors, even though she was pretending to be a man. And it took me for a while to remember the Anime, Hakuoki, this is my favorite one. Therefore, I could build an imagination during re-read this ebook.

You'll not believe it of Mariko's decision. When she has to choose between The Black Clan and her family. And how hard her life to see her brother's eyes. And anything about Youkai, you'll find it interesting. Although I thought that Mariko has been kidnapped by Youkai.

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