The Ironic Things in The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden

by - April 20, 2017

The ironic things inside Jonas Jonasson's book is how he made his characters died without being hesitate. Just like anomaly case how they are ended theirlife. When everyone put the sadness a lot like the usual tragedy while people die, and almost of them cried a lot. You'll not gonna find it here.
There so much anomaly you could find here too. Like a young girl who is very smart on math and she is really loved to read. Someone in Sanitation Department has been teach her how to read. And that is the reason why she can talk in english.

When she has to moved in the lab, because of the tragedy before that she almost died caused by car crash but then she is been punishing because been a victim.

Maybe you'll think it was a crazy thing. Or Jonas Jonasson make you think about crazziest things. But this is what happened with Nombeko - the girl's name - that been punished for 7 years. And she found out something interesting her right there, she found a small library.

And she always spend her dayoff to read all those books and journal. You need no worry about hersafe. Because she is already saved there. With food, a place to sleep and no need to worry about anything.

One thing she doesn't know yet, that the lab where she is work, is making a bom as their project. A bom in Africa!

Instead of talking about stupidness and satire social condition. Jonas also put a little fact that happened in the long time. The ironic situation in Africa and how they trying to reach the independent life forever yet they just being so selfish.

In the end, I like this book. And how Jonasson resemble the stories into funniest way to laugh the stupidity. Although I'm not clever enough yet is not stupid too. And I still kind of human that love to laugh a lot.


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