Dear Author, Please Write A Standalone Book Not A Series!

by - August 03, 2017

Someone, help me please. Is there any 'fantasy' book that is not a series?

During reading Caraval, it reminds me of a book the title is Night at Circus, where all visitors are pampering by magics that would make them find it hard to escape from the game. A happiness that started when the sun is sets. So Caraval do, that has their own rules about time, where visitors and players is allowed to be outside when the dark is come, but they are have to get in their lodge before sunrise. That's the rule!

The owner of Caraval, is a mysterious man who is handsome and often made almost girls broken heart. Mr. Legend is inviting two sisters from Trisda island to visit his island. Scarlett and Tello, with some help of a man named Julian, they could escaped from Trisda island and also from their dad. Both of them never go outside the island, it is an order from their Dad, who is really cruel man.
Reading this book, made me mumbled that the magic here is lesser than I expected. Yet, the relationship between two sisters is great things to explore. Also don't forget to the love story. How Scarlett survive from every games and trying so hard to protect her heart from falling in love with a man named Julian. Everyone would be fooled during this game in Caraval, however before the game is started, they already notified that everything that happens here in the Caraval more or less is not real.

Sadly, I have to tell you that I don't like book series. So, when I searched the information of this book, I've found that the next part will be publish at 2018. I guess this is what I called wasting time, I need to read Fantasy - Romance book that is single - non series - book. So,  I don't have to take more time just to wait for another part of book. I call an author that will write another 'single' book that is awesome and has a great plot. Really, I want it for real.

For the structure of the story, it is a great book. I admit it because when I read this book I've found it hard to take some rest. It makes me always curious what would happened in the next chapter. Also, it has a very strong characters and everything in here really detailed. I don;t regret reading this book, yet I hope Stephanie wouldn't publish the series. Just one standalone book, I hope. And let the readers has their expectation of the ending scene.

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