My Little Monster (tonari no kaibutsu-kun)

by - January 25, 2016

Title My Little Monster (tonari no kaibutsu-kun) | Published : 2012 | Publisher : Kodansha | Writer : Robico| Main characters: Shizuku Mizutani, Haru Yoshida, Asako Natsume,Sōhei Sasahara | Episode : 1-13

Last day, I watch Animax Channel in the morning before started to work. And I found something funny during watch this Anime, and it brings me to the curiousity for the next episodes. Lucky me, it has been completed episodes because published at 2012. 

Mizutani san, she is clever student, quiet and always love to study. She never care what happened arround her. All her attention only her level score at school. And one day, when she was at her school and her teacher ask her for help. To bring a document for her friend, who sit beside her but never shown up. There, she was met for the first time with Haru, that escape from the window since someone at that place, inform him.

After that, her life being so different. Haru go to school, and always right there where Mizutani are. Since he came into her life, and since the first kiss, Mizutani found that her heart and her feeling going crazy. She can not choose what right and wrong for her life. She's been distrubed by her new friends arround her. And she tought that she cant focus on study after she met them.

And, day by day, Mizutani also Haru got closer. But, when it first started, both of them could not figure it out, their own feeling. Because, they are never know about their first love. What is love ? For Haru, he never care about love. Because he just known that people arround him always look him as a stranger. And for Mizutani, Love is something that can't define and not useful for her.

Together, for Mizutani dan Haru, the moment at hight school make them different and change their ownlived. They learn how to make a friend, how to falling in love and how to listen to their ownheart.

Funny romance teenage, and I can't accepted when the series already final. Because I'm still looking for the new episode. But, what is been final, that means I have to finish. So sad, because I love and really curious what else story about Mizutani dan Haru.


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