Mindscape - Anna (2013)

by - January 11, 2016

Original Title : Mindscape | Director : Jorge D. | Publish : 2013 | Stars : John Washington (Mark), Taissa Farmiga (Anna)

Mark is a memory detective who has been hired for helping a girl who has a trauma. As a professional, Mark trying to protect Anna from her trauma and explore her memory. Mark entered her mind and looking all the her memory. About her teacher, her friends and how she told him that she is one of the 'alien student' at her school. One day, Anna got faint and Mark trying not to push her. But, there, on the other day of the therapy, Mark found something strange. The clock doesn't work, their friends speaking of something different and also someone else, a girl with a short hair. When Mark go find the truth by seeing people that fit as the story from Anna, Mark found something after seeing the girl with a hole in her neck. And also, Anna's ex-teacher, told her that she was insane and her family is a bad people who can hire a detective and put him into the prison. 

What's the truth behind the trauma of Anna ? Is she really insane just like her teacher said??

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