Great British and Irish Short Stories

by - June 20, 2014

Title : Great British and Irish Short Stories
Indonesian Translator : Anton Kurnia
Writer : James Joyce
Publisher : IKAPI
ISBN : 9799481589

James Joyce, he is a pioneer of a modern prosa. He hands on the style of writing techniq it was call as Stream of Consciousness and inspired all writers in the next generations.


There are four short stories in this book, Ibunda in indonesian language. I just want to write a review just two short stories.

First, Night Fair. Here, James used first point of view. The story started when I as the main character, watching the girl next door from his house. He always waiting for the girl came out from her house to call her brother for tea time. Sometimes, they were annoyed her for awhile. And I, the main character, always hiding while she came out, because he is so shy.

One day, he ever heard that the girl really like the Night Fair. After that, he asked his Auntie to go to Night Fair. Although finally he could gone there after waited for his Uncle arrived at home lately. He want to buy something for the girl.

Second story, Eveline.

It tells us a story about Eveline, who has been took care of her Dad and her two brothers after her mom was died. Although her Dad always rude at her, but she really love him and treated them with all her love. One day she met Frank and started the new life. She really feel so in love and different. She could felt the happiness, just like she never had before.

But, when Frank asked her to leave her Dad and Brother, she really in doubth. While she was stand infront of the deck's Ship, she could not move her leg. 

This is the old stories that told me about an old life, old think that never changes. Just like the story of Eveline, who choose for stay for her Dad and Brother. Left the happiness with her boyfriend. Sometimes life need a sacrifice to be happy just like we use to be. I mean, we dont need anybody to make us happy. Just let ourself to be happy and that it is, it is just my opinion.

After all i gave THREE STARS for this book.

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